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Capaciousness is key when considering your bathroom design. Fortunately, due to this couple’s children having ‘flown the nest’, they were able to knock through into an unused room, parallel to their bedroom. This enabled the creation of a capacious bathroom in the formerly spare room, while the existing en-suite space was transformed into a luxurious walk-through dressing room. The ultra-elegant dressing room looks directly onto the large freestanding bath, creating a focal point that visually draws the eye through the dressing room and straight into a calming and sensual spa experience.

The couple were keen for the design to be “modern and light, but with some traditional features and a touch of glamour.” The predominantly neutral scheme, contemporary bath and brassware ensure the look is modern, while the Shaker-style furniture succeeds in adding a traditional touch, and the mirrors and complementary lighting ooze glamour. The couple turned to Louise Home, at The Brighton Bathroom Company, to undertake this demanding project. The company’s end-to-end service allowed the homeowners to have their dream design, layout and style scheme, with a perfectly personalised aesthetic

What look were you going for?

Louise: “I wanted a real feeling of luxury throughout the rooms and definitely needed both rooms to ‘flow’ from the dressing room into the bathroom with ease. I was inspired by the peace and tranquillity of the surrounding woodland, and wanted to bring that feeling into the new dressing room and en-suite.”

What were the practical considerations?

Louise: “We had to move the en-suite facilities from their existing location into the room next door, and so services had to be extended into a room that previously had none. Luckily there was another bathroom on the other side of the room so we were able to feed some services and outlets through from that side.”

Were there existing features you had to work around?

Louise: “The house had bespoke oak doors and architrave throughout, so I decided to save the existing architrave from the bedroom door – which we were closing off – and re-use it for the new sliding door that connects the dressing room to the new en-suite. To match the architrave we had a new solid oak sliding door commissioned.”

What is in the bathroom and why were these pieces chosen?

Louise: “My client really wanted a large bath that she could relax and luxuriate in. I used a large freestanding mineral stone bath and placed it by the window, which allows a scenic view whilst bathing. The material is soft and warm, and this bath boasts an elegantly understated design. I placed the shower area next to this, separated by a half-height stud wall. The wall houses the pipework for the bath filler and allowed the perfect space to create a recess for convenient storage of bath products (or wine glass)!”

“The shower area was another priority – I created a large walk-in area, again using stud walls for feeds and a recess for convenient storage and lighting feature. I added a large, luxury rainfall shower head with a multitude of functions including an LED lighting feature, which again adds to the scheme.”

Were there any bespoke pieces?

Louise: “Yes. I designed the dressing room furniture and the bathroom vanity furniture to work together, and the same furniture makers crafted the whole collection. The wardrobes were fitted wall to wall, and consist of lots of mirrors to reflect the views from the window and inject light, space and a touch of glam. On the opposite wall there is an alignment of fitted drawers, which includes a dressing table area and stool, which I had upholstered in a glamorous silver-coloured velvet.”

Tell us about the lighting scheme.

Louise: “I integrated a lot of layers of light in these rooms to enable the lighting to be adjustable to different times of day or mood. Firstly, there are LED downlights in both rooms, controlled via a dimmer switch. LED feature lights sit in the wall recesses by the bath, shower recess and above the toilet. Three elegant wall lights frame the vanity mirrors above the basins, and three of the same lights are used in the dressing area. We also worked with a bespoke shutter company, which fitted beautiful wooden shutters on to each window. They are adjustable, to control the amount of light they let into the room.”

How does the bathroom work for the owners now?

The clients are really happy with their new dressing room and bathroom, and I’m happy to know they enjoy using the space every day. They have had lots of comments from admiring visitors too!

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