Room Makeover Tips – How to Make the Best of an Existing Room

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Room Makeover Tips – How to Make the Best of an Existing Room

Cherish or Chuck Out - Decide which items in the room you like and want to keep and which you are happy to change. Ensure that any furniture items you are keeping are the correct size and scale for the room. Use your favourite items as the basis for the new scheme in terms of style and / or colour and take pictures of these so you can refer to them when you are out shopping.

Go Neutral Underfoot and Butt - Keep major purchases for the room such as sofas and carpets neutral so that they can last a long time and be updated with a new injection of inexpensive accessories from time to time. Any major purchases such as a sofa should be measured very carefully to make sure it is not only, not too big, but is big enough and fills the available space.

Go with the Flow - Look to adjoining rooms and hallways etc to take inspiration for your colour scheme and make sure your design has some linkage to these areas. A home flows better and is more harmonious if a major colour in one room is evident in the next, even in a few small accessories, cushions or artwork.

Current Colours - Identify an achievable colour scheme. If you have ideas on a colour scheme sense check them first to see what is available in stores. A day spent going to the major department stores and home shops such will give you a good feel for which colours are available. You will have much more choice in soft furnishings and accessories if you work with widely available colours and you will therefore be able to buy less expensively.

Focus - Make sure there is a focal point. This could be a fireplace with a mirror or picture above, or a window area with curtains and a seat, or a large piece of artwork in a central position. In a bedroom this could be the bed with bedside tables and lamps. Every room needs to have a main focal point and if there isn’t one then create one.

Surface Style - Identify surfaces. When planning your furniture make sure your room has some surfaces which can be decorative rather than just purely practical and can be dressed with well positioned accessories which will enhance your colour scheme, as well as adding interest. These surfaces could be a console table, shelves, a mantelpiece, a sideboard, a coffee table etc

Layers of Interest - The key to creating interest in a room is to create layers such as a rug, with a coffee table on top and a vase or bowl on top of that. In a dining room, the table with a tablecloth and /or a table runner, plus candle holders or a central floral arrangement works well. On a sofa, add a throw and some cushions as layers and also to tie in your colour scheme.

Dress to Impress - When buying accessories buy across different stores to get a more varied look and look for items which can work in pairs, and trios as well as single items. Try to dress surfaces with a mix of textures and don’t worry about mixing old and new. Junk shop finds can add individuality.

Get the Picture - Use artwork and mirrors. The introduction of artwork onto walls can really transform a room. If you have a busy pattern or bold colours in the room already, then keep your artwork quite simple. If your colour scheme and furnishings are subdued and simple then you could choose artwork to be yours stand out pieces.

Add Life - Finally, appeal to all the senses by adding in life with plants or fresh flowers, scented candles or essential oils and use lighting and music to change the feel of the room.

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Room Makeover Tips – How to Make the Best of an Existing Room

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