Open Water

This bathroom’s multiple showers are controlled via the wall-mounted Eikon digital mixer.The touch-operated device offers total control over temperature, water flow and chromatherapy lighting.

Venture into uncharted territory to take your showering experience to the next level. Walk-in showers and wetrooms are convenient, hygienic and offer a bold, stylish look that will suit a contemporary or traditional scheme

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A recessed shower tray will offer the function and aesthetic of a walk-in shower yet it will also prevent water from flooding out on to your bathroom floor. This luxury bathroom features a frameless glass screen and a recessed timber tray. The shower area features a Vado 300mm round wall-mounted showerhead and two-handle thermostatic shower valve finished in the company’s Individual collection ‘Brushed Gold’. £930.

For those who take their showering experience seriously…

A walk-in shower is the most convenient addition to a modern home. A long soak in a deep tub is hard to beat, but a liberating and easily accessed shower, unrestricted by close-fitting cubicle doors or, dare I say it, an unhygienic shower curtain, offers rewards of its own…

Showers are invigorating; they rejuvenate and prepare us for the day. They are conveniently ready to go when we are and their temperature can be (almost) instantly adjusted… but a walk-in shower takes the experience to a new level of ease and comfort. Flush fit or concealed trays unify the shower with the surrounding area while at the same time removing a trip hazard, and where you were once restricted by an enclosure, a walk-in design is only limited by the walls of the bathroom.


Walk-in showers aren’t just for contemporary schemes. This boutique wetroom channels chic hotel style creating an attractive, timeless look. The flooring is the same throughout the space, with the shower area only separated by a simple glass divide. Classic Grande polished nickel finish exposed shower rose showerhead, £2,900; Lily shower screen, from £895; Bastide oak washstand with Caviar Grey lavastone worktop, £3,665; Bridgehampton marble lattice mosaic floor tiles, £250 per square metre.

Don’t be put off by the 21st-century vibe. A walk-in shower or wetroom can offer a slick contemporary aesthetic, however, it can also complement a traditional scheme. Available in  all shapes and sizes, they can be paired with any shower system, whether that’s a modern flush-fit rainfall shower or an industrial bar shower fixing with an exposed pipe.

Even the smallest bathroom can accommodate a walk-in shower. If you prefer an invigorating rainfall to a relaxing bathe, why not remove your space-consuming bath and opt for a roomy shower in its place? A single glass panel can guard the rest of your bathroom from water splashes or, for an unconfined option, consider transforming your bathroom into a wetroom — it won’t matter which part gets wet and you needn’t occupy space with a glass partition.

21g. Drummonds HB Dalby Shower 1 HR

The exposed Dalby shower from Drummonds features a curved pipe and classic rose showerhead. Shower available in a brass, chrome or nickel finish (as shown). £2,820.

33zz. Hansgrohe_ShowerTablet Select 700_with Rainmaker Select 460 overhead shower(lg)

The generous Rainmaker Select overhead shower from Hansgrohe is available with up to three spray modes: Rain, Mono and RainStream. It is operated by the ShowerTablet Select 700, which uses a dial to adjust temperate and a simple button system to rotate between its sprays. Three-mode Rainmaker Select, £2,340; ShowerTablet Select, £1,100.

This bathroom’s multiple showers are controlled via the wall-mounted Eikon digital mixer.The touch-operated device offers total control over temperature, water flow and chromatherapy lighting.

A walk-in shower is not only a practical choice – it will look amazing too. This shower area is recessed, giving it a distinct zone, and its open style allows users to walk between its two showerheads. The Bossini Dream multifunctional showerhead (right), available from Sanipex UK, brings spa-like wellbeing into the bathroom. In addition to a wide-rain jet, the showerhead can deliver a soft mist jet, a powerful cascade or a rain waterfall spray. From £1,040.



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