Inspirational… magical… and achievable… kitchens that your dreams are made of.  Always dreamt of having a fabulous kitchen? With such a wide spectrum of styles and trends on the market, let Utopia help you to understand how these themes work and ultimately ‘get the look’ right for your own kitchen. We’ll help you achieve a stylish kitchen you’ll adore using – the very best for your lifestyle and budget.

Close quarters

With two parallel counters running across opposite walls, these ‘corridor-effect’ kitchens are the perfect streamline additions to the home. They’re long, narrow, and anything…

Bousquet8614 web

Going Green

The owners of this property wanted their ground-floor space to be opened up, which would double the size of their existing kitchen, to create…

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Style Sanctuary

Capaciousness is key when considering your bathroom design. Fortunately, due to this couple’s children having ‘flown the nest’, they were able to knock through…

Everhot 100i (Teal), £7,530 - EVERHOT-CUT

Coastal Appeal

This Everhot 100i cooker in Teal, with chrome handles and hinges, would make the ideal edition to a kitchen with a coastal theme. £7,530….


Italian luxe

This Knee deck-mounted mixer tap from Cea Designs is crafted from stainless steel, while the spout is made from integral polyurethane. Envisioned by acclaimed…