Going Green

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The owners of this property wanted their ground-floor space to be opened up, which would double the size of their existing kitchen, to create a large, light and open zone – perfect for both daily cooking and entertaining friends and family. For this dramatic renovation, the homeowners called upon Andrew Hall, chief designer and managing director of Woodstock Furniture.

Andrew expertly designed a fully bespoke, beautiful kitchen, composed of two primary areas – the working or cooking area and the dining zone. This linear aesthetic allows for the eye to be drawn directly along the room towards the full-length windows, which provides a stunning view of the garden. “The architectural space was very contemporary but the client wanted a classic style kitchen with clean lines,” said Andrew.

With a change in level from the living room to the kitchen, the client wanted to ensure there was a barrier between the two areas, but one which would still allow plenty of light into the living area. “We designed a tall wall, which would provide a degree of separation but not reach the ceiling. This also provides neat housing for the impressive stainless steel fridge-freezer, wine cabinet and overhead, built-in wine rack. Although, from the living room, you can still see the kitchen,” added Andrew.

Bathed in this natural light, the bespoke cabinetry, spray-painted in Studio Green from Farrow & Ball, is offset by the white quartz worktops and oak-topped breakfast bar.  The garden fences are finished in the same hue as the kitchen cabinets – ensuring the inside is linked to the outside – enhancing the ‘natural’ tone of the kitchen. The cabinetry features minimalist-styled doors, with framing and lambs tongue moulding; while this classic style was given a suitably modern twist through the addition of stainless steel handle bars.   

The homeowners are delighted with the end result. “They’re very keen on design within their home and they collect beautiful furniture and artefacts, and showcase them where they can within their property,” said Andrew.  This is reflected in their choice of dining table, which is crafted from a large reclaimed artist’s drafting table.

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