Editor’s Letter

Colour is a hotly discussed topic in design. Companies devote countless resources into investigating the psychology of colour and its powers of persuasion. The…

Magical space

In a children’s bathroom, create a magical space your little ones will love to visit. Linea Nest by Park Avenue


Standing free through history

Frontline Bathrooms invites us on a journey through time, to discover the transformation of the freestanding bath, from aristocratic roots to the modern marvels we…


From pumpkin to palace

Undergoing its own Cinderella story, this creative warehouse conversion saw a lateral apartment, situated in the famous Butler’s Wharf building, transform into a three-bedroomed…

2_MG_1494 colour correction

Express yourself

An art-loving couple from Surrey chose this eye-catching kitchen to reflect their distinctive tastes. After living with a small, unsociable kitchen, Lindsey and Bryon…

60. crown Rococo - Crown Imperial -ultra matt yellow and white finish

Carnival of colour

Turn your back on wash-out whites, cautious creams and grim greys and breathe life into a neutral scheme with an eye-popping splash of colour….

15. Drummonds13 Severn Shower

Off the wall

Make a prominent feature in your bathroom by opting for a statement freestanding design that sits proudly in the centre of your room away…