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Editors Letter

There’s nothing better than walking into a new job and being inundated with people from the industry complimenting the magazine you’re now working on,…

Magical space

In a children’s bathroom, create a magical space your little ones will love to visit. Linea Nest by Park Avenue


Standing free through history

Frontline Bathrooms invites us on a journey through time, to discover the transformation of the freestanding bath, from aristocratic roots to the modern marvels we…

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Going Green

The owners of this property wanted their ground-floor space to be opened up, which would double the size of their existing kitchen, to create…

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Style Sanctuary

Capaciousness is key when considering your bathroom design. Fortunately, due to this couple’s children having ‘flown the nest’, they were able to knock through…

Close quarters

With two parallel counters running across opposite walls, these ‘corridor-effect’ kitchens are the perfect streamline additions to the home. They’re long, narrow, and anything…

The burrowers

These suites are fully integrated into the bathroom. From recessed baths to showerheads hidden within the ceiling, they are perfectly assimilated into the home….